Pest Enforcer Pest Control Services

Ants – There are several species of ant but here in the UK, ants are relatively harmless – but a nuisance when they decide that your kitchen is a great source of food for them too! Easy to deal with, our professional pest control solution includes sealing entry points, as well as preventing more ants moving in to the empty nest.

Bedbugs – Notoriously difficult to eradicate without professional help, bedbugs hitch a lift into your home on clothing and so on. As well as chemical treatment to get rid of them, there also needs to be a course of deep cleaning as well as everything being washed at a high temperature.

Fleas – Not, as you would think, a problem that occurs exclusively in homes with pets. Fleas like any home or business where there is warmth, humidity and people or pets for a blood meal. As well as chemical treatment, cleaning is required too.

Cockroaches – In the UK, there are two species of cockroach that we tend to deal with – the one found in the heat of the kitchen, and the other in the cool of the basement. BOTH species must be dealt with as soon as possible as they present a significant hazard to health.

Mice – They may look cute but when they are in your property, chewing through wires and other items, they are a nuisance. They are incontinent too, spreading bacteria that presents a significant hazard to health and must be dealt with immediately.

Rats – Universally despised, the brown rat population in the UK is thought to be millions. Prolific breeders, they will cause damage in a relatively small amount of time. They also spread a bacterium that presents a significant risk to human health. Rats MUST be dealt with, and quickly.

Wasps – Possibly the most feared of winged, flying insects, the wasp is common in gardens across the country. The location of their nest, however, can be a serious problem. If you have a wasp nest, DO NOT TOUCH IT but call the professionals as soon as possible.

Moles – Also known as the Velvet Gentleman, the mole needs to be trapped and relocated but the tunnels also need to be sealed or another mole will move in! Their molehills are a nuisance across gardens, sports pitches and so on, leading to unstable ground in some cases.

Bees – In spite of the sting in their tail, bees are liked by people because they understand their importance to the environment. But when bees make their home in or around your property, it’s not so much fun. It may be possible to relocate the hive. Call us to find out more.

Rabbits – As cute as they scampering across a dew-topped field on a spring morning, the rabbit causes a huge amount of damage to land, including farmland, woodland and so on. Landowners must take steps to control rabbits, a service we offer.

Foxes – Not just as home in the rural landscape, the urban fox can be a nuisance with its late-night rummaging through bins and so on. Prevention is the best means of defence, as well as advice from a leading pest control company, so call us.

Flies – With a three-week life cycle, you wouldn’t expect the common house fly to be a problem but when you are under siege from flies it can mean there is another problem lurking close by. Call us for more information.

Moths – Attracted to bright lights in the dark, the moth can lay eggs in dark, unseen places. As the larvae hatches, it will eat whatever is close to it and that means holes in carpets, clothing and blankets! As well as chemical treatment, deep cleaning is needed too.

Spiders – There are no spiders in the UK that present a risk to your health but being inundated with spiders in your home or business is not a pleasant feeling. We can deal with any arachnid on your behalf.

Insects – from ladybirds to greenfly, to silverfish and more, insects are like humans, enjoying spaces that offer them sanctuary, food and warmth. When the conditions are right, any insect can become a problem. Call for the latest insect-elimination techniques and insecticides!

Squirrels – Like many other rodents, the squirrel can sometimes favour a cosy loft over the local woodland to make their nest and raise their young. Like other species, they gnaw causing a lot of damage in a short space of time. Only a qualified pest control technician should deal with squirrels – PLEASE call us and stay within the law!