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Ever wonder how to deal with a pest problem in the West Midlands effectively and humanely?

You probably haven’t given the answer to this question much thought… until now.

And why would you? After all the chances of your home, garden or business being under siege from an unwanted animal, insect or rodent is minimal, isn’t it?

But when a pest strikes, it can quickly become an infestation and sometimes, the remedial action that customers take can make the situation worse.

If you think or know you have a pest problem at your West Midlands home or business, the time has come to call a professional pest control company – and we are one of the leading pest control companies in the county!

The weather

The weather can play its part in making our homes, businesses, gardens and public spaces more inviting to a pest. Prolonged periods of poor weather, for example, can lead to some pests seeking refuge in buildings and other inappropriate places.

Flooding, for example, can lead to rodents, such as rats and mice finding their way into cellars and garages. Hot weather create perfect conditions for some insects, thus bugs of all kinds can find their way into our properties.

Pressure on their natural environment

Just like us, some pests don’t like change and when things change in their normal habitat, such as new buildings, it can place pressure on where and how they can safely nest, raise their young, find food and so on.

When the squirrel population in a woodland is large, some seek nesting spots elsewhere and gaining access to internal roof space is an ideal solution.

Moles behave in a similar way, often becoming lost when they meet hard landscaping such as roads, pavements and buildings, hence they find their way under sport pitches, bowling greens, lawns and so on.

Food source

And again, like humans, pests enjoy nesting in places that are safe and weather-proof, preferably with a ready food source close by.

This is why ants enjoy making their way into a kitchen, or other pests are attracted to city and town centres. It is also why foxes enjoy the rich pickings of the rubbish bin at night.

And sometimes, we are the food source. Fleas and bedbugs enjoy a blood meal, not minding if it is human blood or from our pets.

Eradication, control and prevention

Some pests need to and can be eradicated from an area completely, such as removing a wasp nest or bee hive. Other pests need to be controlled such as rabbit-proofing. On some country estates, they will need the number of deer controlling, as well as other animals commonly found in the wild.

But once the pest is eradicated or its number under control, prevention is key to stopping it from happening again. Being aware that washing bedding at 60° is needed to kill bedbug eggs or that steam cleaning in the dark crevices of kitchen cupboards including underneath cupboards can remove the food source of a cockroach are all important things that you need to know.

Pest Enforcer offer a comprehensive and discreet pest control service throughout the area to both domestic and business customers. Any pest, any place, call now for a free on-site assessment.