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Pest problems in Walsall

Some home and business owners are reluctant and embarrassed to admit to a pest problem. Pest issues are more common than you think and like most problems, dealing with the issue sooner rather than later can, in the case of pest control, means a quicker resolution (and a cheaper one too!).

Pests like what we like

Warmth. Comfort. A certain level of humidity. Weather-proof. Food close by. Security. A nice place to raise their young.

This describes not only human wants and needs, but the likes of many pests from the urban fox to the bedbug, flea, rat, bee and any other pest you can think of.

Our habits

We supply pests with all these things both in our homes and business, as well as outside. Take a look;

Refuse bins, compost bins and heaps etc. – make rich pickings for all kinds of animals and insects. The fly likes protein-rich food and so the bin is an excellent place to feed on rotting meat. The mouse may enjoy picking at the compost heap but when it nests in the home, it can cause problems. The rat also enjoys any rubbish or waste food left lying around.

Warm homes – central heating is a great invention, meaning we are never cold in our homes and business but the flea loves the humid, warm conditions too. And by feasting on us and our pets, they are in the perfect place.

The environment

From the weather to where we build can all affect pests. In some cases, it can be to their detriment but in others, it can be to their advantage;

Sewers – the sewers are a great highway for rats to move around in, undetected and safe from predators.

Tunnelsrabbits and moles can sometimes become a little lost but find that some industrial buildings provide a good place to live and reproduce.

Weatherrats can be flooded out of their natural habitat and wet weather can also mean more spiders in properties. Although not venomous, they can cause problems.

Let the professionals deal with pests

Some pests can be a danger to human health, such as the sting of the wasp or the bacterium spread by rats, some jobs are best left to qualified and experienced pest controllers.

Other pests are harmless, such as moths and carpet beetles but they can present issues when attempting to deal with them in an efficient way. Any pest control measure or remedy used needs to act quickly.

With other pests, there needs to be a sequence of actions such as treatment, followed by cleaning as in the case of cockroaches, bedbugs and fleas.

Don’t suffer with pests in or outside your home or business. By calling Pest Enforcer you are calling a professional, local, discreet and qualified pest control team who can and will deliver on their promise of dealing quickly with any pest, in any situation. Call now!