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Inundated by a pest in or around your Swadlincote property?

Pests ruining your property or maybe you have squirrels in the attic?

We deal with ALL pests from bugs in the bed to moles in the lawn but it is important to make sure that these pests are dealt with humanely, no matter how dangerous they are perceived to be or the nuisance and fear they cause.

Not a do-it-yourself task

There are many reasons why tackling a pest problem at your Swadlincote home or business yourself is not a good idea;

Within the law – there are some specific laws that deal with how animals and rodents are controlled, eradicated and handles. There are overarching laws such as preventing cruelty to animals but there are also land management laws that require specific pests to be dealt with in certain ways.

For example, grey squirrels must be caught and euthanized. They must not be released back into the wild. Landowners must control rabbit numbers on their land. Although you may think some insects are protected, such as bees, they are not but many pest control companies like Pest Enforcer will make every attempt to relocate some pests back to their natural habitat.

Pest control is not always about exterminating a pest, but relocation and prevention.

Ineffective measures that make the problem worse – this tends to be the case when people use shop-bought insecticides or other ‘poisons’.

One example is the use of flea treatments for cats and dogs that are no longer effective. Some insects, such as fleas, are able to adapt, becoming immune to some treatments. But, pet owners continue to use them, along with treatments for inside the home. Some chemical treatments require that cleaning does not happen for weeks afterwards so that the chemical has a chance to work at every stage of the lifecycle.

By using ineffective treatments, you are wasting money but even worse is that you could be making the problem worse. Only pest control companies have the knowledge on the latest treatments that are effective.

Non-target species – many people still assume that the only way to deal with a pest is to lay poison. This is no longer the case as research has shown non-target species are also hit with something called secondary-poisoning.

This is where another animal will eat the carcass of the target pest but the poison will still be active, causing them to die too. No longer is pest control about laying poison and forgetting about it. The pest control cycle has been extended and with some stores no longer selling poison to customers, it is only a qualified pest control technician who can buy and use the poison with confidence, and without harming other species.

Any pest, any place

No matter what pest is causing you problems and no matter where on your Swadlincote property it is, we can deal with it, safely, quickly and humanely – and within the law!

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