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Do you need help with a pest issue in Sutton Coldfield?

Unsure what to do for the best?

Assume you can deal with the problem yourself, after all, getting rid of a few bugs can’t be all that problematic. Can it?

The problem with DIY pest control

There are five reasons why attempting to deal with a pest infestation yourself may not be such a good idea;

  1. You could make it worse – it may only be a bedbug, for example, a common enough problem in homes throughout the world BUT chemical treatment alone, if effective on adults will not kill bedbug eggs and thus, after two weeks, the infestation will be as bad as ever. In some cases, it could be spread by your cleaning…
  2. Cause unnecessary suffering – no animal or rodent should suffer unnecessarily so the mouse and rat traps you use may cause them suffering long before they die. The poison you lay may be consumed by them but a non-target species may peck at the carcass causing secondary poisoning. The laws are getting tougher for non-qualified people to deal with pest control problems and this can only be a good thing.
  3. Potential to injure yourself – from a nasty scratch by a frightened and cornered squirrel, to a sting from a wasp or a bee, there are all kinds of ways that you could be hurt. Stings from wasps and bees can be fatal and so some pests really are best left to qualified, experienced pest control experts.
  4. Waste time and money – frankly, some shop-bought remedies are so weak and ineffectual that they are simply a waste of your time applying, and a waste of money. If you want to treat your home for fleas, for example, get flea treatment for pets from the vet as this is guaranteed effective and seek professional help in your home or business.
  5. The wrong pest being treated – are you really sure it is a mouse in the kitchen? Do you know which cockroach is in the cellar? Is it a carpet moth or a carpet beetle in the lounge? Some pests act in a similar way, leaving similar tell-tale signs but the important thing is BEFORE you treat, you should not only identify with certainty what is causing the problem but also how extensive the problem is too.

Call a professional, qualified and reliable pest control company – call Pest Enforcer

With many years of experience dealing with pests in all kinds of situations, we guarantee to deal with a pest in or outside your property.

We work with both domestic and business customers in Sutton Coldfield to offer a discreet but efficient pest control service. Where eradication is not possible, we have a range of proofing techniques that can control access to your land and property by certain pests including rabbits.

For a great service guaranteed, call Pest Enforcer today.