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Do you have a pest in or around your Melbourne property?

Pest Enforcer deal with all pests in all situations, and we have a successful track record of doing so. But how do you know if it is a problem you need professional pest control help with?

The pest is in your property – the interior of your property, both a domestic dwelling and a business premises, should be pest-free. And it really is that simple.

Of course, in wet autumn weather, you will find more spiders in your home or, in the summer, flies will make their way into your property through an open door or windows.

If you keep seeing a pest, from the jump of a tiny flea, to signs of other damage that you cannot explain, it may be that you are sharing your home with a pest.

You may not know what the pest is, but we can soon determine what we are dealing with and the best method to use.

It is a certain species of pest – it is important to note that whilst not all pests present a danger to your health, there are several that do. From stinging to biting, to spread bacteria dangerous to human health, if you spot any of these pests in or around your Melbourne property, call us immediately.

Rat, mice, cockroaches all spread bacteria that is potentially dangerous. Wasps and bees can become aggressive when they feel under threat, delivering a nasty sting. Some people are allergic to wasp and bee stings.

Other pests need careful and specific handling as laid down in various animal protection laws. Grey squirrels and moles are just two examples.

You have tried various remedies but to no avail – of course, you may assume that the pest problem is not that bad and all it takes is a dose of a chemical treatment and a deep clean.

This could work but it could also make the problem worse. Bedbugs, for example, are incredibly resilient, especially their eggs and the application of heat or extreme cold is the only means by which the tiny, virtually invisible eggs are ‘killed’. By not doing this, you are wasting effort, time and money.

Get the professional pest controllers to do it all for you

From identifying the pest, assessing the extent of the problem, the treatment options that will work right through to prevention, you will get this comprehensive pest control service from Pest Enforcer no matter what the pest.

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