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Why do pests become a problem in Lichfield? And why is it some pests more than others?

There are all kinds of reasons why an insect, animal or rodent will become a nuisance in or around your Lichfield property.

The built environment

When there are major changes in the landscape, such as a new housing estate being built or a new industrial estate, it can create ideal conditions for some pests but for others, it can confuse them. This means that they encroach on space that we consider ‘ours’. When this happens, their population may cause issues but the type of pest can also be a problem too.

For example, wasps nesting in a porch entrance to a property does not make for comfortable use of a space. Moles enjoy sandy soil which is much easier to dig through but, in their tunnelling exploits become a little ‘lost’ encroaching on bowling greens, lawn areas and so on. It has been known for moles and rabbits too, to become ‘lost’ in piping and tubing in industrials settings.

Some pests cause damage – like rabbits gnawing at trees and so on – whilst others are dangerous, such as wasp stings. Other pests are a nuisance, with their droppings.

The weather

Prolonged periods of certain types of weather can also create a beneficial environment for some pests, but not for others. What this can mean is that their natural predator struggles to live and breed, meaning that some pests are able to multiply and become an issue.

The weather can also dislodge some pests from their natural habitat. We associate the brown rat with sewers but they also live in river banks. When there are floods, the rat seeks safer and drier land, which can mean it finds its way into garages and other outbuildings.

Our habits

Composting kitchen waste, recycling bins, bins on the streets and so on are all welcome in the modern age but for some pests, they are ready sources of food.

The urban fox, for example, likes nothing better than tearing through bins and rubbish bags for food to take back to its lair. Ants are lured by sugary foods and flies enjoying high protein meals, such as the decomposing flesh on a chicken drumstick wedged in the composting bin.


As a population, we also move a lot more. From commuting on trains and trams, humans are not the only people to move from one place to another by hitching a lift.

Fleas often find their way into our homes on clothing, as well as on pets. The bedbug also hitches a lift on clothing and bags; once in a property, they can be difficult to eradicate.

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