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Worried and anxious about pests at your Cannock home or business?

If you are, then you need the help of a reliable, professional pest control company. This is exactly the service that Pest Enforcer provides and we guarantee the same high level of professional pest control service every time.

Identifying the pest

Any pest will leave tell-tale signs behind and these are the things that we look for in determining what pest we are dealing with;

Droppings – there are many pests that leave droppings behind and, if you know what you are looking at, you could easily identify the culprit. Rats, mice and rabbits all leave droppings scattered about the area they frequent, with cockroaches also leaving small hard droppings or, if they have access to water, brown, unpleasant looking smears.

Gnawing damage – rodents tend to gnaw things thus, it is not uncommon to spot damage to wood, cardboard and almost any structure caused by squirrels, for example, or rats and mice.

Holes and fraying – the emerging moth can leave perfectly round holes in stored clothing, carpet and soft furnishings. This is annoying as well as being expensive to repair or replace.

Bites – the smallest of insects can leave its mark which is why bites on your body can be linked to fleas and bedbugs. Flea bites are random, usually around the ankles or wrist. The bedbug will bite its victim, leaving bite marks in a straight line.

Deciding on the solution

The pest control industry is dynamic and fast-paced, with new ideas and methodology for eradication and control of pests constantly being developed.

This is why as a professional and qualified and experienced pest control team we can offer the latest in effective pest control methods and treatments.

Identifying the pest and assessing the level of the problem is important as this will ultimately inform how we tackle the problem.

When inundated by a pest, both domestic and business customers want the problem dealing with quickly, effectively and discreetly.

They also want to know that the methods and treatments being used are safe for use in places frequented by people, children and pets, with minimal impact on the environment and non-target species.

Pest control is no longer about laying poison and letting it do its work. It takes a more pro-active response, which is better still if the people delivering the service are qualified, experienced and insured.

Pest Enforcer offer a pest control service to both domestic and business customers, dealing with any pest in any situation. All our work is insured and guaranteed, so you know that when we say we can eradicate or control a pest, that is exactly what we can do.

For more obligation and an on-site assessment, please call us today.