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How to successfully tackle a pest problem in Burton upon Trent

Pest Enforcer is a popular pest control company, known for offering a reliable, safe and effective pest eradication and management service.

We work with domestic customers, as well as a range of local businesses from shops to food outlets, farms, feed store companies, livery yards, schools, colleges, local authorities and more. As a fully insured company, we guarantee our work too, all of which gives peace of mind that we can – and do! – deliver the pest control service that we say we can.

This is how we deal with a pest control assignment;

Step 1 – Identification

Sometimes, customers are clear what the pest is because they may have seen it, e.g. a rat in the garage. But, there are times when a customer is unsure what is causing the problem.

This is common in the case of insects. Both bedbugs and fleas bite for example, but can be notoriously difficult to spot. Other tell-tale signs are similar from one pest to another, such as mice droppings and cockroach droppings.

The first step is to clearly identify what is causing the problem. Sometimes, there is more than one pest…

Step 2 – Assessing scale

Not all pest problems can be defined as an infestation but nevertheless, they make people feel uncomfortable, fearful and embarrassed.

Assessing the scale of the problem informs the next step which concerns the best methods and techniques to use.

Step 3 – Methods, techniques and treatments

Some pests can be dealt with immediately allowing for immediate relief to the problem. Wasp nests can be treated and removed within a day, for example.

In other cases, a pest requires treatment and patience such as identifying the nesting of mice, laying traps and so on. After a few days, the treatment will have worked and the pest controller will return to remove the pest.

Other pest infestations require determination, as well as the latest in pest control methods. Bedbugs can be notoriously difficult to eradicate and may take more than one round of treatment and deep cleaning.

For other pests, it may not be eradication but control that is needed such as in the case of rabbits. Proofing techniques are humane and a worthwhile investment in controlling access to your property by certain pests.

Step 4 – Prevention

Our habits and the way in which we live can inadvertently attract pests and, you may not have realized this. Securing a tighter fitting lid to your rubbish bin or to your compost heap may help in reducing some kinds of pests.

Not leaving out food on a hot summer’s day stops ants from finding a ready meal and flies from finding the perfect spot to lay their eggs.

If you have a pest problem in Burton Upon Trent, call your local, experienced control company, call Pest Enforcer today!